The Procyk Forfeit Trilogy

Sanity's Flaw
The Procyk Forfeit, Volume One

Eighteen years ago, someone told me I would die for what I’d done. Since then, I’ve been given three meals a day. The temperature in here has never shifted far from sixty-eight degrees. Every mild cough I’ve had has been thoroughly examined and treated. And no one has ever laid a hand against me. Far as I know, there’s never been any talk of a trial. If I have the right to an attorney, I haven’t been told. I just keep on living. Keep on reliving. Thinking about it all.

Eighteen years of this, I’ve come to one conclusion.

I didn’t murder them. I didn’t. Yes, sure, I killed them. I admit that.

But murder?

No. I saved them.

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The Nobodies
The Procyk Forfeit, Volume Two

From Boston to San Diego, it happened the same way in every city.

Thicker than air, the odorless, invisible gas poured from vents, oozed across floors, and escaped out onto the sidewalks and streets.

Children and elderly were the first to slip into unconsciousness, but men and women of all ages joined before too long. Some dropped with sickly, bloody crunches. Others merely slid down walls as if they had fallen asleep. Hundreds of thousands died within minutes. By the time anyone realized what had happened, it was already too late.

The attack was over. The war had begun.

This is the story of how it ended.

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Short Stories

"A Conversation on a Thursday, with Beer"

If you’re going to steal the comic of your dreams, you need to do it right.

You need to know exactly how they lock it up, what they’ve got for alarms or cameras, even what kind of shirts they wear. That’s important and everything’s on the Internet so there’s no excuse not to find out. While you’re at it, might as well learn how to pick a lock, too. You’ve no idea how handy that is.

Oh, and bring the right food—that’s one too many people get wrong. Granola bars are good, but no Pop Tarts. And never—I repeat, never—take your eyes off the girl with the red pants. But from where I’m sitting, that should be pretty obvious.

Having some beer while you’re planning helps, too, I’ve got to say.

Because beer makes everything possible, including making you think I know what I’m talking about.

Let’s get another round.

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