Let's Help Some Children, Shall We?

When I first planned on writing this, my second entry in the newly revamped Of Plaything and Puppets, I was fully set on getting into, once again, the painfully dreadful process of submissions. I had planned, thought, outlined and gathered materials, all so that the (hopefully) useful post would be beneficial to you while conveying my ongoing struggles as a hope(less) author.

But, as I thought about it, as I planned my strategy around my increasingly turbulent schedule, I realized there was something far more important to me (right) now than getting my name on a book. I don’t know when that transition took place or, exactly, what it holds for my future, but it’s true. It’s real. And for what seems the first time in years, I'm putting everything I have toward something to which I don't benefit in the least. Something simple, pure and, seemingly, full of love. It's wonderful.

It’s Extra Life.

From Jeromy Adams, Extra Life founder: Extra Life began in 2008 in loving memory of a remarkable young lady named Victoria Enmon who completely changed the way I live my life. Tori fought three courageous battles with leukemia before finally succumbing to this horrible cancer in January of that year.

She fought with smiles. She fought with faith. She fought with everything she had.

I have many fond memories of Tori, as do her parents Jo Ellen and Victor and her siblings James and Christin. The truth is, a lot of people miss Tori.

With respect and reverence, I want you to miss her too.

A few years before Tori passed away, we interviewed her for our annual radiothon at KKBQ in Houston, where I worked at the time, and set that interview to song.

Below is a link to Tori's story in her own words. Tori firmly believed that she would beat her cancer, and fought like a warrior. It's important to me that you hear this brave little girl and understand, at least a little bit, why Extra Life exists.

Every time you ask a donor to support you, every time you recruit a friend to participate, and every time you raise your goal, you honor Tori and her family.

Furthermore, for what it's worth, you earn my respect, admiration, and sincere appreciation for building an even greater legacy for my sweet little friend.

I myself got into Extra Life through the kind words of IGN’s Game Scoop! Podcast. Though their fame seems to have gone to their heads in recent months, if not for them, I likely would have never found such an inspiring—and fun—charity to participate with.

This year, like the last, when together we raised $485 for the children, all of the donations made toward my time playing will go to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. There, children recovering from a plethora of diseases and wounds are treated by faculty specializing in children’s health, on equipment made especially for children, and in bright, colorful rooms stocked with plenty to keep their attention fresh and acute.

To learn more about the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, please visit their website.

If you would like to make a donation toward my Extra Life gaming marathon, all of which is tax deductible, please visit my donation page.

This year, I hope to raise $500. I know we can do it. Please help us out. We're at $99 right now, with more than generous donations already from my friends Kristin, Mike and Kate and, especially, my wonderful fiance Kim. Thanks to all of you.