And an Update on That Last Note...

Two more replies in the bucket this morning, both formulaic auto-replies:

Dear Author,

Thank you for your query. I will respond within three weeks if interested. If you do not receive a response within three weeks then I have passed on your project.

Please note that a pass should not be construed as a statement on your work's publishing viability; it is just my subjective determination that the project isn't a good fit for me and the agency. I encourage you to continue your querying and wish you the best of success in your publishing endeavors.



Thank you for your query. Due to the large number of submissions I receive every day, I am unfortunately unable to respond personally to them all. If I am interested in reading your work, I will respond within three weeks. If you do not hear from me in that time, then I have decided I’m not the right agent for your work – no “rejection” letter will be sent.

Best wishes, 

So am I, still waiting....