A Single Reply and Many, Many Thanks

Well, it’s out there. Floating in the bountiful emptiness that is the Internet.

We all float down here…

I’ve gotten one response so far. It was short, sweet, to the point, and I’m thankful for it. It was from an agent who I’ll refrain from naming, but went:

Thank you for thinking of me, Warren, but I didn't connect with the subject matter of SANITY'S FLAW the way I'd need to in order to consider representation, so unfortunately have decided to pass.

I'm so sorry not to be writing with better news and wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

Other than this gem of a reply, I’ve heard nothing. A generic response from one agent’s formulaic query submission site noted that, should I not hear anything within three to four weeks, there’s not enough interest in the work to justify a contact. Or something like that. I didn’t pay it much mind. If I get a response, great; if not, I will continue searching for representation.

I’m not giving up.

On the other front, work continues on the latest draft of The Nobodies. This after I noticed a fairly problematic plot point occur within the final act of Part One. Long story short: the characters went somewhere they were physically unable to go, yet they had to go there. I skipped the chapter and the preceding buildup for a few days before finally sitting down and ironing out a solution.

Let’s just say Google is my friend. And Google Maps, with Street View, is a Godsend. After only a half hour or so’s search, not only do the characters in the story still go where I need them to be, the location now makes complete sense in regard to the overall plot—something that was missing in the last draft/expanded outline.

That was Monday that I managed that, approximately 24 hours after completing the 24 hour gaming marathon I highlighted a few posts ago. In the end, I managed to raise $516 toward my goal of $500—$16 over thanks to some amazing almost last-minute donations! I’ve only just come out of the coma-like state today after relying on heavy doses of caffeine since Sunday morning’s three hour catnap prematurely interrupted by my fiancĂ©’s insistence on purchasing pumpkins for our wedding at that. exact. moment.

And although it was a tiring marathon that once again proved that I’m getting too old for this [stuff], it was, as last year, incredibly rewarding. Not only will the money go toward a good cause, but I also managed to complete several games throughout the course of the day, sampled and compared three different types of pumpkin beers, had cold pizza for breakfast, and spent several hours rocking Call of Duty, courtesy of the very generous Derek, who not only donated his cash, but helped immensely in keeping me awake.

Special thanks to all those who donated, in alphabetical order because I’m anal like that: Derek Arena, Lisa Arena, Deborah and Don Brelsford, Joan and Herbert Brelsford, Beth Collette, Eddie and Hillary (Jones) Hohl, Kristin and Adam Kery, Kate Mundy, Ariya Norinth, Michael Norris, Karen and Andrew Pawlowski, Mike Tomasko, and Wirenutz Electric (who I believe is my cousin John Pawlowski, though I have yet to confirm).

This was the fourth Extra Life—my second—and hopefully not the last. Please keep it in mind next year, as I’ll be sticking with it as long as I’m able.

In the mean time, I’m going to continue work on the draft, fish for opinions from my editor, and hopefully (fingers crossed, here) read through emails from anxious agents dying to publish my novel. Think I might go grab another cup of liquid caffeine while I’m at it as well.