So I wrote this last week with the intent of publishing it as soon as possible. Then Monday passed, Tuesday came and went, Wednesday was a short work day… and then it was Thanksgiving, Black Friday, a busy weekend and Cyber Monday. Now here we are, more than a week later, and you know what? I don’t want to rewrite this. Because, although it’s a week old, it’s still news to you.Ok. I know what you’re thinking. You’re coming here expecting some potentially amazing (although incredibly late) visuals and all you see is this text. How disappointing. Terribly, terribly disappointing.

Yes, well… I could go on making excuses about how I injured my arm moving the weekend before my wedding, or how I didn’t have Internet access or even a computer (until just this week) or maybe how I spent every spare hour imaginable either shifting furniture, prepping for a wedding and honeymoon, and subsequently enjoying both… but I won’t. I’m only going to say this: the last three weeks have been hectic and I produced hardly a word or image worthy of sharing.

However, as I stated so boldly to my Facebook friends the other day, I have returned, and so has my creative drive. Though still battling jet lag, I managed a paltry 600 words this afternoon (not bad considering the massive amount of emails I had to manage in order to be caught up at work) and am currently working toward one of my favorite scenes, so my drive to write is nearly palpable, violently destroying (nearly) every other thought that crosses my mind.

But three weeks is a long time not to have anything to report on. Fear not, for my trustful “editor” and confidant has completed her read through of Part One of The Nobodies. Let’s see what she had to say (the emphasis is her own):

I must say first, holy commas. I believe you over use the comma. You are comma crazy! I had to remove some to make sentences make sense! It was the only thing I did not mark when I removed/edited. I didn’t remove many just a handful where it desperately needed to be removed BUT I do suggest you re read and consider commas and comma placement.

I must say I spent a week’s time reading, re reading and "editing" and putting thought into each chapter. I would like to re read it when you are done going through my edits and adding, subtracting, fixing or doing nothing with it please.

With all that said I am going to give you my overview so far.

I love this.

This is completely my type of story, novel whatever you want to call it. I was captured from almost the very beginning (as you read my notes you’ll see my slight confusion). I truly believe you are in the completely wrong profession all together. You have a skill, a talent to take an idea and transform it into something truly amazing, a story. Anything else is a waste of time, you should be writing as a profession. I really hope you try to publish this soon. It not being out there for the world to read is a crime, sin and insult to yourself.

I hope I have helped with all my "editing" and input.

I eagerly am awaiting your next writing adventure :)

You know… she’s right. I do overuse commas.

But commas are cool.

I’ve yet to read through her comments/edits/suggestions, but I will give them the utmost thought and consideration during the next and (hopefully) final draft. But, first, I need to finish the next two sections.

And maybe slip a drawing or two in there somewhere.

If you’d like to help out by reading the first part of The Nobodies, please leave a comment or message me elsewhere. Every little bit helps. (But, if I don’t know you personally, thanks but no thanks.)


  1. If you self publish you should publish yourself as "commas incorporated" :)


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