We Interrupt This Program for a Special Announcement…

Due to some unforeseen circumstances involving a deranged, power-hungry, micromanaging individual who shall remain nameless for the time being, it seems the previously mentioned production schedule regarding editing The Nobodies will be somewhat delayed.

However, despite the amount of time I can devote to it drastically shrinking, work will, and is, continuing. The Nobodies will be completed this year. Sooner, if I can help it.

As another effect of the circumstances I’ve found myself buried under this week—and the morbid state of angry confusion I attempted to pry away from while huddled around a slew of beers Friday evening—I’ve also decided to move the potential self-publication date of Sanity’s Flaw up.

I had originally planned on attempting a final round of queries, through both email and print, in the coming weeks, long before exploring self-publication in further detail this coming May; but, given my situation (I am, to paraphrase a line from a recent episode of Person of Interest, operating behind enemy lines), I no longer want to answer to anyone but myself. I don’t want to compromise any longer. I have stories that I wish to tell and those are the stories that will be released. Hopefully, the readers—and the fans—will come in time. And, if they don’t?

I wouldn’t have lost a thing other than an ounce of self-respect.

I’ll know that what I’ve done has been in the interest of ensuring my vision is fulfilled. And I’ll feel right about it. Hell, just thinking about it has me more elated about my remaining working years than anything in the last four combined. With my book published, I will feel happy. I will feel accomplished. And that is certainly better than I’ve felt about myself in quite some time.

It is now February 23. By the end of April, I plan on having Sanity’s Flaw flowing around the world.

Stick to oPaP for further details. Or watch my Twitter feed. Shit’s about to get real.