Sanity’s Flaw: And, Finally, the Description

After some greatly helpful feedback from my college roommate, my high school friend who rarely reads, a cousin-in-law, and a huge fan of the Twilight and Hunger Games series, I once again rewrote the aforementioned description in order to clarify those sections they thought confusing, embellish the parts that hooked them, and generally tighten the premise.
Finally, the result:

Nearly two decades ago, a young woman was found mysteriously butchered just days before Christmas.

She was only the first in a string of horrific slayings that plagued Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Now, the truth behind the spree, and the cruel fate of Detective Tony Procyk, gone missing shortly after the start of his investigation into the homicides, is finally being revealed. Procyk claimed he would stop at nothing to end the massacre, but he could never have guessed the killer’s true intent.

As the body count rises and the fate of everything he holds dear is threatened, the detective can only wonder: has he been the real target all along?

Sanity’s Flaw will be available soon.

Note: You may have noticed I inserted the book’s title into this post’s subject line. Given the number of projects I’m currently working on, I figured this would make things easier to organize down the road rather than relying solely on the categories below, though posts, which will likely be more numerous, may be somewhat shorter.