Getting Down to Business

Before we get to anything else, if you haven’t seen it already I debuted my official Facebook fan page earlier in the week. Though I haven’t been a huge fan of the site the last few years, I admit it does serve its purposes and the fan page will house all of my updates for (Twitter feed included) for those who love one-stop-browsing.

So go give it a Like, if you would. Every thumbs-up counts.

Now, editing of The Nobodies aside (can’t just update you on that every week, now can I?), I’ve got something cooking up my sleeve right now and should be set to unveil it early next week at the latest. I’ve worked fairly tirelessly the last few nights to get everything in order, running around town and lugging tables and bottles up and down stairs to ensure we’re ready to roll. And tonight’s looking like the perfect opportunity to finish up.

Intrigued, eh? Hold tight.

It should all (hopefully) lead to a minor media blitz come next week. I don’t want to say too much more than that, other than:

If you’ve read Sanity’s Flaw and have yet to review it, please do so by the end of the weekend.

Thanks in advance. See you in a few days.