The Nobodies: A Quickie

I’m apologizing in advance because this will be a relatively short and paint-by-numbers update likely free of fun quips, metaphors and general entertainment. All for the best, though, as I’m using every second of the precious little free time afforded me to edit The Nobodies.

Rounding out the character I last wrote about early last week, there is little to say other than confessing that I opted to remove the character’s final section of the book, determining it as serving little to no purpose, either for the character or the story as a whole. A version of the final third of the book complete with my adjustments was recently sent to my concept trustee, so once she reaches that chapter, I will confirm the removal with her and, if needed, look to her for help in figuring out a different angle for the final section. If we can agree on something sensational, I, of course, will be more than open to reinserting it.

The next character I focused my efforts upon was just as interesting, to the point that I added additional background information throughout the book to expand upon past relationships, further solidifying the team. All in all, edits to these sections were relatively simple and not worth mentioning, though I did remove a large portion from the character’s final section as I felt it served no purpose but to potentially establish a grounding for future storylines—something that could be done with much less content.

Earlier this week, once I finished the character above, I broke into the “Big Three” characters—those that are most focused upon throughout the bulk of the story. This character is still the smallest of the three, but accounts for nearly a quarter of the plot.

Edits, while numerous, have been relatively minor so far, though I’ve made some modest adjustments to the character’s reactions in order to further differentiate the character from the previous one.

There’s still a ways to go before I break into the next character and the main protagonist, which accounts for about half of the story, and I fear they will require the most cuts and edits. Exciting.

I can't believe it's already June. That means only ten more months until this is scheduled for publication. I'll make it, but damn, time sure does fly.


  1. The way you write ten months is more than enough time :)


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