Sanity's Flaw: Well, then...

Sadly, what I was hinting at last post did not pan out. No media blitz, no huge sales bump.

I’m not going to get into it just now, as there’s a chance things could still progress. Still, while some would be disheartened by this news—I admit, I was somewhat taken aback—there is also light at the end of the tunnel. That’s right, today I officially became a paid author. It’s huge news for me, and while the measly payment I’ve raked in does little to compensate for the time I spent coiled around Sanity’s Flaw through the depths of the night, I know it’s only the beginning.

To celebrate my new status, as well as my upcoming birthday, Sanity’s Flaw will be free to download all next week.


So if you haven’t grabbed a copy just yet, now’s the perfect chance to do so. And, as a present to me for celebrating the completion of my 26th year on this planet, why don’t you go ahead and give the book a review, too? One star or five, it all helps.