Sanity’s Flaw: Last Chance to Grab it for Free

Free since Monday, Sanity’s Flaw has garnered (as of Friday afternoon) approximately 256 downloads in the last few days, bumping it up to an official high of 871 on the bestseller list (I had seen higher, I thought, but it wasn’t reflected in the sales chart).

The book is free until 11:59 PM ET tonight, so if you haven’t already, be sure to download a copy. If you’d rather wait a day and contribute to the actual sales, that, of course, would also be perfectly fine.

Hopefully, all of the downloads will result in at least a handful of reviews, something the book’s been terribly lacking. I hesitate to ask those I know to have purchased the book why they haven’t reviewed it just yet (yes, some may not have read or finished reading the book, but I know some have), but there’s little else I can do at this point.

Perhaps they fear to post a negative review? Well, it seems any review is beneficial to Amazon’s inherent marketing device, though of course five stars are far better than one. No matter the review, it will benefit in the long run, whether in only sales or as reflected in my future works.

After all, authors can’t grow and evolve with kind words alone.

Which reminds me... be on the lookout for a Sanity’s Flaw trailer in the near future. I’m still working out the kinks after some less-than-stellar words from my wife, but think I’ve worked it out. This is part of what I’ve been hinting at the last few weeks, so I hope it turns out worth the wait. And enticing enough to merit further sales growth. Only time will tell.


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