Third Book: Daily Moisture Lotion

Fragrance free, of course. For normal to dry skin with that non-greasy feel.

You may wonder why I’m talking about skin care. Well, it’s because lotion is one of the secret ingredients. To what?

To writing!

For me, at least. See, I get dry hands, especially when I’m pulling boards apart all night long and tossing around moldy drywall. So when I start a typing frenzy on this stiff keyboard, the edges of my fingertips start to crack and grow brittle. Worst case scenario usually smacks my thumbs first: the cracks spread to look like nasty paper cuts, stinging pain included, and bleed ever so slightly.

That doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but it’s happened enough now that I know to avoid it. I don’t know if it’s normal or not and yes, I do drink quite a lot of water throughout the day (making as many trips to the bathroom as an old man during a sleepless night). But I make sure to apply at least one coat of lotion per day.

Remember kids, lotion a day to keep the bloody fingers away!

The good news you may have gotten out of this is that I’m on a bloody roll with my third book, having written about 1,000 words a day on average the last few. That’s far from my record, but considering this is the rough (or what I like to call the “expanded outline”) version and not the final, where I simply insert the pretty language and finer details, I think it’s pretty damned good. I mean, I’m already a good chunk into the first part of the book (there’ll probably be ten parts all told—a daunting number, but not when the actual structure is considered… not that I’m going to give you all that now… forget I even said anything...).

Got to say, so far, I really like how the book’s turning out. The characters have completely different voices than I had originally intended, but the more I get to know them, the more I like it. And I’ve only had slight variations from the outline so far (a change of location, a delay in an action, etc.), so that’s always a plus.

Looking forward to seeing where the rest of it goes!