The Nobodies: Third Time’s the Charm?

Well, as promised, I’ve been sending samples of my second novel, The Nobodies, off into the ether in the distant hope of snagging the curiosity and talent of a publishing agent, and, as of last week, have now done so to three different agents.

The first, who I submitted to nearly a month ago, never replied. Neither did the second. The third had an automated message set up for the inbox:

Thank you for your query. Due to the large number of submissions I receive every day, I am unfortunately unable to respond personally to them all. If I am interested in reading your work, I will respond within three weeks. If you do not hear from me in that time, then I have decided I’m not the right agent for your work – no “rejection” letter will be sent.

Best wishes,

Blah de blah

Well, we’ve got ourselves a time table right there. I’m a little wary about breaking stride, but if it means a better likelihood of the agent enjoying the sample and asking for a larger portion, I’m ready and willing.

Besides, this week and the next are going to be awfully busy. More on that to come.

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