The Nobodies: I don’t Know What Just Happened

I lost a few weeks there, more than I actually realized now that I think about it, but I’m back on track and throwing my future to the wind and my story to any agent who will read it. Well, not any agent, really. One of a carefully selected pool whittled down to the most prime choices…. Regardless, last night I once again submitted The Nobodies for consideration as the three weeks I mentioned in my last update have long passed without any response received.

I did, however, receive one from an earlier inquiry:

Dear Mr. Pawlowski,

Thank you for your query. I appreciate the opportunity to consider your work for possible representation, but I have decided it is not for me. Fortunately, tastes vary widely among agents, so hopefully you’ll find another who shares your enthusiasm for your work.

I’m sorry that I can’t respond in a more detailed and personal manner because of the large number of queries I receive. Thanks again for thinking of me, and I wish you the best of luck.


It must be nice to have such a “large number of queries” that they can be readily cherry-picked. On my level, that’d be like having a coworker come in one morning with Dunkin Donuts coffee for everyone only to then have another show up offering Starbucks and a third traipsing by with my pick of Green Mountain. Which do I choose? People obviously put in the thought and effort, and each is a respectable choice….

I guess it all boils down to personal taste.

Still, time’s running low on the personal self-publication deadline I had set for myself. I’d love to see The Nobodies in print, but can’t fathom risking my life and living or refinancing my home to pay for a slim chance at rabid fandom. If it’s meant to be digital for now, well, I suppose it’s just meant to—

I can’t believe I was about to type that. No. I’m not saying it. I hate that phrase. As I see it, there is no “meant to be.” I’ll either get there trying or I’ll fail. Simple as that. I can’t depend on a bit of random luck to blow my way or hope fate guides me like a puppet trapped in its string. No. If I want it, really want it, I need to reach for it. I need to go for it.

And damn it to Hell, I’m trying.