Third Book: Did You Win? I Sure Didn’t

Today, I, unlike millions of others, I am not regretting spending $2 on a losing Powerball ticket. While you may think, “Well, how do you know you wouldn’t have won?” I actually had my numbers chosen ahead of time. I won’t disclose them in case they’re needed again, but I will say two of my six picks were chosen last night.

Still, I wouldn’t have won a single dollar.

Hoping for some hard-earned fortuitous circumstances to come my way, I’ve been steadily working on my third book since last week’s (okay, earlier this week’s) update. While nothing story-wise was accomplished during the Thanksgiving holiday (that ended up devoted to lots of videogames, shopping and eating, as well as a few fun tasks around the house), the last four days have progressed smoothly, with the story gaining somewhere around 1,000 words a day.

At this point, the book’s first section has already grown larger than I had originally intended, and it’s likely to only gain more detail and definition in subsequent edits. Because of this, I’m now projecting the final version to be my longest work to date, easily surpassing The Nobodies, which had already towered over Sanity’s Flaw. It’s truly fitting giving the topic, truth be told.

Since I brought up The Nobodies, as we draw closer to the possibility of a self-publication (more on that tomorrow), I’ve already considered, should I do so, whether or not I would attempt the traditional route once again with this third title. With the very real possibility that I won’t have an agent anytime soon, would I want to restart the process of blindly submitting to their slush piles with crossed fingers and a heavy heart?

I think not. I think, if push comes to shove, the third book will be self-published should The Nobodies do the same.

But, you know, that’s a ways away. Especially given my current progress. Plenty can change in the next few years.