Third Book: The Pre-Itis

As you'll quickly notice, this was supposed to be published last Tuesday but, do to a human error involving scheduling the post, it never went up. If you still feel like reading it, just imagine you're a time traveller and get to eat that delicious turkey and stuffing all over again while already knowing which relatives to avoid. After your romp through history, maybe saving Jesus or killing Hitler, check back in a few days for a brand-spanking new post I promise won't be scheduled wrong.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which thankfully means a few days off for eating, shopping, visiting with family and generally being happy. So, though I’m keeping this update short and sweet, I’m doing so while hoping this break brings me back to sorts and reenergizes (me post-itis) to do the best I can.

And I’ve been trying. The last few days, I’ve cranked out a few thousand words and, though it doesn’t quite seem up-to-par with what I had accomplished previously, it’s laid a workable foundation for the future adjustments and edits.

It’s interesting, though. I’ve found that, in my current state of mind, when working dialogue I see no need to add the breaks so many authors (and readers) believe required. While I mostly avoided these in my first book as a stylistic choice, I used them quite freely in the forthcoming The Nobodies as I strove to make the text more easily approachable. So, after this draft, I’ll likely go back and, when rewriting, insert pauses, “he said,” “she said” and other things as needed. Or perhaps I’ll just make that this section’s style. Hm. That could work. We’ll see what I end up with.

I’ve also merrily reintroduced my favorite character of my saga—one readers have yet to meet, but one I’ve quickly grown to love. Given the time lapse between The Nobodies and this story, the character has of course changed and evolved, but I continue to enjoy the time spent in the writing of his/her storyline (no, I’m not giving that away just yet) and look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

So, as you can see, things are coming up roses. I may or may not write over the next few days, as I’ve got a few other (more tangential) creative projects up my sleeves, but we’ll see. For now, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. See you on the other side.