Third Book: Big Kahuna Burger

Thanks to a relatively slow start to the workweek and a sudden unrelenting burst of creative energy, I managed to add far more than average to my Third Book this week, closing out the lovely first section with a dramatic bang I felt sorry to see end but diving headfirst into the next.

There’s just something about a death scene that makes my fingers itch.

Anywho, by design, the second section is a tad more difficult to write compared to the first for a number of reasons I won’t go into just this moment, but it’s already proving fun to write and showing early signs of moving in a stylistic direction I hadn’t entirely believed I was capable of handling. It’s certainly taking me out of my comfort zone.

I had originally intended to include short vignettes between the sections in order to further build upon the world I’m constructing. Meant to be short and relatively sweet, they would appear much like the breaks between the days of Sanity’s Flaw, and would have focused on the worldly thoughts and opinions of one particular character.

However, having reached that transition point, I wrote a brief entry and realized I simply didn’t like the results. It wasn’t the piece itself—that served its purpose well enough. It was just that I no longer liked that setup for this book. As I mentioned before, the book’s a work in progress and constantly evolving on its own. And, frankly, I’ve already done it.

Plus, was it really needed? I mean, really? Like the Star Wars prequels, I had to say no.

Not that I deleted what I wrote. Oh no.

(As to the title, I saw Pulp Fiction on the big screen the other night to celebrate Quentin Tarantino’s twenty years in filmmaking. Though it’s not a perfect movie, it’s absolutely fantastic and I’ve made a vow to pick up the film’s soundtrack posthaste. And try to find me a Big Kahuna Burger, of course.)