The Nobodies: Wow. 2013 Came Really Fast

As much as it seems I managed to accomplish in 2012, I definitely didn’t finish everything I would have liked. Perhaps I was simply overreaching, or maybe I set my expectations too high, but I was desperately hoping, with crossed fingers and toes, to not only land an agent for The Nobodies, but to also complete the first draft of my third book.

That last was a long shot, as I’d actually pegged it for completion around late spring/early summer, but I really did want that agent. It’s not easy, I know that. And I’m aware the process is wrought with failures and rejections, but I hoped anyway. And now, knowing I haven’t managed to attract the interest of an agent, at least by year’s end, with another one of my books is simply disheartening.

Of course, that’s not to say my work’s complete. Just that I missed my self-afflicted deadline. In fact, today I’m sending a round of simultaneous queries—something I’ve yet to do with this book as I wanted to allow individual agents ample time to respond.

Both strategies—simultaneous and one-at-a-time—have their pros and cons, of course. It’s generally assumed authors are simultaneously submitting in this day and age, but call me old-fashioned, because I know if someone were looking to offer me, say, a bowl of ice cream but simultaneously holding it out to others for the taking, I’d be a little aggravated.

Did I just compare my story to ice cream? Well, that’s new. I haven’t actually bought any since I found those few pints of Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake. Man, those were delicious.


I’m planning two rounds of simultaneous submissions, one today and another two weeks hence. If no positive responses are received, expect to hear quite a bit. Then again, if it’s the opposite… well, I don’t know how I’ll write about that, as it’ll be unprecedented. I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when/if I come to it, though.

First world problem?