Sanity’s Flaw: Happy to do my Taxes

I don’t typically dread tax season. It’s always been fairly kind to me and, even when I’ve been asked to dish out some extra dollars, I’ve never considered it a burden or outright wrong. After all, taxes are part of our lives, part of our expectations for society to run smoothly.

And while I may not dread tax season, I’ve not been exactly elated by it over the years, either. But, this year. This year! This year I can claim income tax from being a writer.

Dance time.

Not that I haven’t been paid for my writing before, of course. Five years into my editorial career, it would be a tad more than odd, no? But this, this is my work. This is my story. And it was my push to complete the project that actually got it done, not an employer telling me to do so. It’s quite an accomplishment in my opinion, and one for which I’m damned proud.

It’s also given me a great starting point. With a second novel on the way and a third biding its time, the line’s drawn. Hopefully, things can only go up from here.