The Nobodies: Cover Contest Q & A

Though I announced it only last Friday, The Nobodies Cover Contest has already spawned a number of questions. Most of these have come my way via Facebook messages, text messages or in-person conversations, and are unfortunately not for public viewing. So, rather than offer the same explanation in multiple locations (though I’m certain I’ll still need to do that at some point), here’s a handy Q & A I’ll strive to keep updated as needed.

Does my image have to be a drawing?

No. As long as the image follows the rules and suggestions listed in the original post, the image you submit can be a photo, painting, or whatever else you’d like.

Does my image need to be in color?

No. Your image can be black and white if you would like, but, if included, the title and attribution should be in color to create some juxtaposition (see the cover to Sanity’s Flaw for an example).

Does my image need to include the title and attribution?
No. While you can include or incorporate the title and attribution into your image, you can also submit an image free of text. Please note, however, that the final version as it appears on the book will include the title and attribution, so please plan accordingly.

Does my image need to include all of the suggestions you listed?

No. It doesn’t need to include any of them, in fact. As noted, those are merely suggestions. The image you submit can be completely abstract or reflect any other aspect of the storyline so long as it remains appropriate for a post-apocalyptic mystery/thriller.

Will my image be used for any potential print versions?

Maybe. The Nobodies Cover Contest only applies to eBook versions, though, so the use of an image on a print version is subject to potential future negotiations and agreements.

Do I get to keep my image?

Yes. Through the contest, you are granting me the use of the image for potentially all digital versions of The Nobodies and potentially all marketing materials associated with the book. The image remains yours and will be listed as such within the book itself.

Why is there no compensation for my submission?

Unfortunately, since I felt gift cards were cheap and offering a percentage of the book's profits proved too much of a tax headache for me to fathom, at the moment I can only offer publicity on my blog and social media sites as compensation for your submission. If, however, sales of the book are generous enough to merrit discussion of a printed version, the use of your image and suitable payment will be discussed as needed.

As I mentioned above, I’ll continue to update this as needed. Please be sure to check the original post for the official The Nobodies Cover Contest rules and further information.

Any other questions, and your submissions, can be sent to