The Nobodies: The Quickness

I received this email the other day:

Thank your for your query, but your project is not for me at this time.

Best of luck and success in your career.


The typo is not mine.

The letter’s the only reply I’ve received lately, though so, despite it being a denial, I’ll take it. I’m also going to give it another week before I do anything drastic, especially since I did promise (admittedly, to someone now out of my past) to try to be traditionally published.
I’m itching to push the self-publish button, though. Really, I truly am. I’ve got some great ideas boiling in this big ol’ noggin of mine and I want to put them to use. At this point, though, even if it were to be self-published, I doubt the original April release date for The Nobodies is more than a pipe dream at this point. Realistically, if we go the self-published route… I’d say we’re looking more at May or June. Realistically.

Of course, stranger things have happened than publishing early.