Sanity’s Flaw: Now on a Poster

Okay, this one took me by surprise.

Ever hear of Litographs? I hadn’t until last week or so, when some good friends of ours came over for dinner. After letting them in and closing the door, one made a comment about trying to be slick and headed back out to the porch to bring in a framed poster:

Look familiar? It should, as it’s a modified version of the cover I designed for my first novel, Sanity’s Flaw:

As amazing as that is, what makes the poster even more special is the fact that the picture is made from the story itself. Here’s a close-up:

Special characters like apostrophes, quotation marks and em dashes aren’t present, so it’s obviously not the best reading experience, but what an amazing piece of art. As you can see in the top picture, the framed version is now hanging proudly on my wall, and I’ve a few others in a poster tube biding their time. I wonder what will become of them….