Third Book: First Draft (Part One) Complete

Yesterday, I completed the initial draft of Part One of my third novel—my first such milestone in nearly five years.

While the 60,000+ draft is certainly cause for some celebration, do note the caveat: it’s only Part One. The second part, which continues the storyline wrapped in the first but moves the arc in quite a new direction (think Kill Bill Vol. 1 compared to Kill Bill Vol. 2) and which will likely be somewhere similar in length, has yet to be started.

Since it’s such a thematically different beast compared to the first half of the book, though, I plan on completing the second draft of Part One before I commence writing Part Two. I’ve previously alluded to some plans I believe will strengthen the novel, and not only do I want to ensure it pans out how I think it might, I want to enforce what I’ve already written while it remains fresh in my mind.

Plus, I need to do shit ton of research prior to Part Two.

In that linked post above, I mentioned a daily goal of approximately 1,000 words. Well, since the hard part (creatively, at least) is now behind me, I'm stretching the goal to 2,000 words per day through completion of Part One. This is my favorite part of the writing process, and I doubt I'll have much difficulty meeting that demand.

It's worth mentioning that I recently pitched the concept behind this third book to a close friend who had yet to read any of my novels, though he recently started on my first. He was quite interested, thankfully, which gave me hope. Though I must confess, the only other person with a solid inkling of the premise gave me a very questioning look when I explained it….

For more on my third book, including an exclusive excerpt and the official debut of the title, be sure to pick up my next novel, The Nobodies, when it’s published this summer.