So the Daddy Tomato Goes Back, Steps on Him and Says, “Ketchup!”

You may have noticed I skipped a week. Apologies, but I needed some time to work things out.

I’m back now. So let’s play some ketchup.

In my last post, I indicated more The Nobodies covers would be available for voting last Friday. Unfortunately, that was not and will not be the case as I’ve decided to cancel the cover contest. There simply was not enough interest (despite record traffic to the site, oddly enough) in either submitting images or voting on image to justify the continued efforts. I’ve chosen the cover I will be using and will reveal it at some future point after some adjustments.

As to the book itself, I’ve continued editing the last draft I had produced, resulting in some rather large adjustments to the final act. Nothing has been done that necessarily alters the plot, per say, but the changes vastly condense a section I had previously felt impeded the overall effectiveness of this last section of the book.

So what, exactly, changed? The third to last chapter was completely removed. Half of its content was condensed into two parts that will be joining parts of the previous chapter to form a brand new chapter. The other half of the cut chapter will be drastically reduced and added to the second to last chapter as a standalone entry.

These changes have resulted in an approximately 5,000 word reduction, so it was far from insignificant. I’ll be performing a final read-through of the new sections prior to passing the draft forward to ensure they work as intended, but I have high hopes.

I’ve also relentlessly worked on my third book, cranking out somewhere around 2,000 words every day I’ve had time to do so, though I’ve been forced to spend the majority on other activities. I must say, the revised format is working amazingly so far. I can’t wait to share more this summer. I just hope it all works out.

This whole struggling writer thing is getting to be a bit of a downer.

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