Third Book: I Wish Computers Smelled Like the Library

Late last week, I’d edited more than the amount I like to focus upon any given day, realized I had some free time left, and so I started work on what will eventually become the second half of my third book.

I’ve been quite vague about this portion of the title and will continue to be so from some time, but, after some research and establishing a viable game plan, I came away about a thousand words later with what I feel is a fairly strong start. Granted, the final version will appear in an entirely different form, but there’s a strong frame there at the least.

That bit of research I mentioned was holding me back from delving into this portion of the saga. You see, the second half of this book works as a tribute to a work that greatly affected me during my college years, and I longed to provide an homage suitably written. A daunting prospect, for certain. After reading through the original work again, though, I decided I was going about this all wrong, for his piece was also a tribute to works long passed and he firmly believed he would never compare to their mastery. So, he undertook creating his masterpiece with utter humility and, for that very reason, it’s still celebrated to this very day.

That’s what I aim to do. I doubt I’ll even scratch the surface of his genius, but perhaps I’ll be able to do something different, something worthwhile. Of course, I can only hope.