Third Book: No Worries, It’s Getting Done

It’s hard to come up with something new and exciting to write here sometimes. I mean, honestly, how many different ways are there of saying, “I’m writing every day, but I can’t really tell you anything about what I’m actually writing?”

You know what, fuck it. Let’s talk.

Let’s see. I’ve been working fairly diligently the month and a half or so since I last wrote about my third, as of yet unofficially announced, book. I continue to write about 2,000 words a day (approximately) and have made some rather broad adjustments to my initial draft.

I’ve also become a Street View addict (and, to a less extent, Google Maps in general), as the tool has once again proven invaluable in solidifying a fictional reality. Most recently, I used it to map and describe a church—realizing in the process that it didn’t have a parking lot as I had originally described, forcing me to adjust the narrative accordingly—and map a walking path across the city to it, as well as find a restaurant and separate bar that suited my needs. Before that, I also used it to locate what I would consider a quiet “place for reflection” in the heart of the city.

Only yesterday I came up with what is likely now my favorite scene from the book when I realized I needed an additional transitional scene in a third act chapter. Though I believed it rather cheesy in concept at first and considered cutting it after writing a good portion, shortly thereafter I realized just how integral it was to the main protagonists’ characterization. So much so, in fact, that I found it hard to believe I hadn’t included such a scene earlier in the title’s development. The scene also allowed me to insert additional personal flourishes—Easter eggs for those who know me, as it were.

I had a least favorite scene as well. Or, rather, a very troublesome scene. It involved having thirteen main and supporting characters in one room. I believe it turned out fine, but since finishing the chapter I’ve considered it further and will likely add more detail or clarify activities further when I review the draft once more. A similar scene is coming soon in my current draft; hopefully, I’ve learned a thing or two about successfully juggling the characters that it won’t prove as frustrating.

Within the next week or two, I’ll hit the climax and polish off the denouement. I’ll then be forced to dive headfirst into Part Two, which I’m absolutely dreading. Though I started it a few weeks ago, much work remains. And much, much more research.

You know, during high school and college English classes, teachers always forced me and the other students to analyze stories and poems for hidden meanings or references. Yet every time a teacher pulled love or death or masturbation or rape (it always seemed to be one of those) from an innocent line about pig’s feet or something equally mundane, I wondered if it was truly what the author intended, or simply my teacher and other scholars injecting their own thoughts and desires into the works of authors.

Now, I wonder if anyone will see/find the reference I’ll be inserting, or will they go unnoticed and inspire a reading again focusing on love, death, masturbation and rape? I hope that, one day, after this book and the others become blockbuster sellers (yes, I do dream of that there will be an “annotated” version explaining and offering more to the references embedded within the text. Or, at the very least, a soundtrack. Hey, I could do that, couldn’t I?

Oh, that would make for a fun post.

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(Note: I was going to insert a video link to Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, as I’ve been listening to it often this past week and find its bombastic melody quite refreshing. However, it appears, as it is with many videos, a mobile version is not available. Why people continue to believe restricting the flow of content will help encourage people to spend money, I’ll never know.)