Let Me Explain

Perhaps you've noticed an increased number of Hobby Hole postings lately. No, it's not a glitch. It's also not a onetime thing. Going forward, there will be a growing number of such posts, from weekly comic reviews (like the two posts before this), videogame reviews, and, of course, the occasional column on a variety of subjects.

This allows me to diversify my writing and increase the size of my portfolio, but, really, it all comes down to one thing: traffic.

I've found it quite difficult to get friends, loved ones and family members to well and truly care about my writing interests. Most simply dismiss it as a hobby not unlike coin collecting; that is, something I'll grow out of. Others, while professing an interest in my writing and/or going so far as to offer assistance with such, have required begging, pleading and reminding to do so, inevitably leading to, again, outright dismissal.

So, I'm taking it upon myself to find a new audience. One that, hopefully, has a sense of understanding and a willingness to not only sample new concepts, ideas and authors, but also to help foster a supportive community in the midst of our concern-deprived society.

In all likelihood, this effort will fail. In which case, I will have more material to show potential hiring managers in the future. But, if I can nail even one more person down and get them to read a book or two, I'm going to call this a success.