The Nobodies: INCOMING!

So, my power went out last night. Twice. That left me capable of doing very little outside of bullshitting with my wife and best friend. There was a good amount of that.

Every other day this week, though, has been packed to the gills with work and progress. I’ve built things, moved furniture, edited I don’t even know how many documents, wrote—and pitched!—more of my third book and possibly experimented with superhuman abilities. More on that eventually. Soon is better, as someone told me last night (gave me a grand smile, I can tell you), and I agree, but great things are worth the wait.

What I devoted the most time to this week, however, was The Nobodies. After receiving some much-appreciated feedback from someone who appears to be my new biggest fan (I have a fan!), I went back and made some minor adjustments—mostly correcting minor typos or changing some language for consistency. But, in the course of making the changes, I found myself craving a reread. So I did.

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve done this countless times and every one of those instances resulted in a revised draft. Well, not so much this time. True, I’ve made some minor alterations to strengthen the book—removing a few unneeded words, rephrasing some dialogue once or twice—but the plot is the plot is the plot. There’s no going back now.

With no going back, I’ve focused much of my recent efforts on looking forward, particularly to the book’s release. I want this to be a grand occasion, something I’m proud of, so expect a smorgasbord of content in the coming weeks as the publication date comes closer. No, I’m not divulging the exact date right now. Frankly, I don’t know what it will be. But, I did say this summer and the summer ends Saturday, September 21 according to Google.


Holy shit. That’s in a week.

Okay, I’ve got work to do.