The Nobodies: Not a Video Update!

It's been a few weeks since the release, but I've yet to really talk about reaction to The Nobodies. To date, there's been two published reviews, both of which have appeared on Amazon.

From K. Kery

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. If you've read the author's other work, Sanity's Flaw, you'll notice that there is a bit of a departure from that writing style. While both books excel at character development and balancing action against reflection, The Nobodies utilizes more description. The result is a fast paced journey through a post apocalyptic that is both foreign and relatable. This book is exactly what you would want in this genre- the bad guys are chilling, the good guys are fatally flawed, and there is enough overlap between the two to keep you guessing.

...and from Hillary

If you are looking for a new fresh novel, and like to support new, upcoming authors jump in on the mystery of The Nobodies. You will not be disappointed.

Simply Stated, Excellent.
Huge thanks to the both of you for the kind words. Though those are the only written reviews, I've received great feedback from some others, so it seems those who read the book actually enjoy it. I'm happy for that, but I wish I could be even more positive, maybe even say The Nobodies is a hit. But it's not. Not yet. 

Like most self-published authors, once again I'm starting from the bottom rung and fighting through big-budget advertising and nonchalance to make an impression upon overexposed consumers. Hell, it's hard enough to get some of my closest friends to care that I even wrote a book, let alone get some to buy it; how am I supposed to get on the minds of complete strangers?

That's why I've been recording the videos you may have seen the last few weeks. I'm not quite done with the series (more on that later), but I've much more to do than simply record myself chatting with an imaginary interviewer. My wife recently introduced me to GoodReads, so I'll be spending some time building up my author page and product pages there, and I've also been meaning to upload my videos to Amazon and Barnes & Noble's product pages to provide more insight at the point of sale but I'm afraid doing so will blow up my computer in it's current state (it's become extremely fragile all of a sudden).

But, perhaps most importantly, in an effort to woo more customers, I've decided to revise The Nobodies' description.

Here’s what I originally included as the description:

It’s been five years since the war, but though the rest of the country may have forgotten about them, those who stayed when New York fell are still there. They’ve been waiting, biding their time and amassing their resources for this, their chance to ensure you’ll always remember their names.

After all, your future is in their hands. Whether you know it or not.

At the time I wrote it, I believed it effective. It provides a locale, hints at a greater conflict and motivations for the central characters, and hangs with a vague hook. But the more I considered it, the weaker it seemed. Now it's just so... blah. Like trailers for The Bridge, the description above simply doesn't do a thing for me.

So, yesterday, I rewrote it.

It’s been just five years since the city was abandoned, but for those who stayed in the ruins of New York, who watched with hatred and awe as a chain link fence separated them from civilization, it’s felt nothing short of a lifetime.

You see, while the rest of the world’s grown complacent and forgetful, the survivors of New York still clearly remember what happened. They can still see what’s wrong with the country.

And now, they know what to do to fix it. What has to be done to free the American people and bring us back to a Golden Age.

It’s simple, really. They need to kill the president.

Though this new version rather spoils one plot thread I had originally intended to keep secret, I figured there are so many surprises within the book, I could use this for some damned fine bait.

More on this soon.

Side note: I’ll be attending New York Comic Con over the next few days. Follow me on Instagram (@WarrenPawlowski) for a look inside, or check back next week for a full wrap up.