Third Book: How About a Title Then?

If you’ve read through The Nobodies, I hope you’ve swiped to the very last page. That’s right, beyond The End, past About the Author and Acknowledgements to the very, very last bit.

Because, there, in case you’ve missed it, you’ll find an exclusive look at my third, upcoming novel.

And its title.

For those of you that have yet to finish The Nobodies (what’re you doing reading this then?) and those of you that haven’t even purchased it (seriously, what are you doing?), I’d like to share the title for my third outing. Because I’ve been sitting on it for awhile now and I’m dying to get it out there.

So, following Sanity’s Flaw, the story of Antoni Procyk, and The Nobodies, the story of his son, Walt Procyk, comes the third, and last, book of this loosely defined trilogy:

The story of Leonid Procyk

Stay tuned for more details, and, should you believe you’ve discovered the title’s meaning, please let me know.