The Extra Life 2013 Postmortem

Last weekend’s Extra Life 2013 came and went, and I must say, it was a resounding success. After 25 hours of gaming (24 normal hours, with one extra thanks to Daylight Savings), I managed to raise $705.

That’s $205 beyond my original $500 goal, and the most I’ve raised in a single year!

In all, this year’s event raised somewhere nearly $3.85 million, though the total continues to climb, as donations are accepted through the end of the month.

Though I made it a point to specifically call out everyone on Facebook, I’d like to take another moment to thank all of those who supported me (and the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, which received 100 percent of the donations made in my name), in the order in which they donated.

So, huge thanks to Kate, Susan and Dave, Kim, John, Richard and Cathy, Kate and Jeff, an Anonymous benefactor, Ian and Colleen, Steve, Michael and Suma (through DIYBIKING.COM), my parents, Anisha and Justin, Kristin and Adam, Gina, Amanda and Mark, Jay, Maureen, Toe, and Deborah and Don. I couldn’t have done it without any and every one of you!

As noted above, if you have yet to donate and still wish to do so—after all, though the event itself is complete until next year, the donations continue to go toward a great cause—donations are accepted through the end of November. Please donate today!