Fourth Book: 10 Fun Facts About the Outline

As I noted in Monday’s entry, I began work on my Fourth Book this week after finally completing Trezka’s second draft.

I began with a quick blurb—about a third of a page—describing the overall conflict, the most basic series of events, and the protagonist’s general motivation. This was only two paragraphs long.

From this, I expanded my ideas into a more fully realized outline—this one about two and a half pages. This segmented the two paragraphs above into generalized chapters and offered more detail, while isolating the more momentous moments and shaping the story into four nearly-distinct “acts.”

Expanding further, the outline grew to its present five page form. Though it isn’t complete by a long shot (there are several sentences bolded for emphasis that require more research while I may split some chapters and consolidate others as I decidedly insert additional details), it now presents a fully realized story arc and is paired with an additional two pages highlighting characters and settings.

I must say, I’m quite content with it thus far. Though I think it needs more _______. Then again, maybe not. I’ll be taking another week or more to finalize the outline before jumping head-first into writing the narrative, so we’ll see what I decide.

But what have I decided and learned from this outline so far?
  1. There are more named characters in this book than in any of my previous novels.
  2. There are more individual set pieces in this book than in any of my previous novels.
  3. This is the furthest into the future any of my novels are set, though it will feel less futuristic than Trezka.
  4. This novel, like Trezka, is set in a location I have never personally been.
  5. This is the first of my novels told entirely from one character’s perspective.
  6. There is only one main protagonist in this novel.
  7. This is the first of my novels with children as main characters.
  8. This novel was set up in both The Nobodies and Trezka.
  9. This novel continues Trezka’s storyline, though not directly.
  10. None of the characters from any of my previous novels appear in this one.
Maybe I’ll have even more fun facts to share come next week.