Trezka: The Red Pen!

I finished reading Trezka's second draft late last week. While I had misgivings when I offered my first impressions a few posts ago, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, particularly its middle and end. There were even a few moments I grunted and whooped with excitement because I enjoyed what I did with the narrative so much.

Like I said in that last entry, though, the book needs work. And I've now gotten down to just that. While my editing may be stymied somewhat by the holidays, I've busted out my red pen and begun scribbling like mad across the pages.

To give you an indication of just how much I'm changing, only three chapters in, I've cut (with large, red brackets and quickly-scribbled notes) an entire chapter's worth of information, dropping the chapter count down by one. Mostly background detail, including a few additional subplots that served no purpose to the main narrative, I felt what dropped to the cutting room floor slowed the book's start far too considerably.

Now, the narrative, which "began" in the third chapter, begins instead on the second page, with the first offering far more color on the narrator that I feel remains important. It's far more effective than previous, though I may adjust even further once I make the edits to the actual Word file.

I'd love to offer a picture of the pages with all the red and blue now splashed across them, but, alas, that wouldn't be entirely prudent...