Fourth Book: Oops.

After completing an outline, establishing names for all of the characters and researching locations, I wrote the first chapter of my fourth book in grand fashion, finishing the opening in just two days.

Then, nothing more was completed.

I didn’t think much of it, as I (falsely) remembered some dry spells while simultaneously working on The Nobodies and Trezka in 2012. But last week, I realized I hadn’t managed any work on the book at all, as I’ve been focusing all of my efforts on Trezka alone.

So, what happened?

Well, thinking about it the other night, I noticed I had inadvertently switched my previous schedule, which had me writing first and editing second. Instead, I was editing without any end-point, which left me no time to write.

I’ve now corrected that error and am back on track with both my writing and editing. Both books are coming out amazing, so far, and I’m greatly looking forward to the eventual reveal of the fourth book, as it’s entirely unlike anything I’ve done before.