Sanity’s Flaw and The Nobodies Pages Now Live

As I promised a few weeks ago, I’ve continued to intermittently update and add new features to this site.

Today, I’ve proudly published pages solely dedicated to Sanity’s Flaw and The Nobodies. Meant more as a summary of all relevant information pertaining to each title rather than a glorified sales pitch, the pages contain cover art, excerpts, reviews, videos and links to purchase or read even more. You can check them out now through the Books page or directly from the links above.

I also incorporated a few other changes since my last post, including changing the title from "Of Playthings and Puppets" to "," consolidating all videos onto their own page, and hiding Hobby Hole articles along with the “Comic Book Pull List,” “Recently Read Books” and “PSN Profile” gadgets from the Home page. All of the latter can now be accessed exclusively through the Hobby Hole page.

If you have suggestions on what else should be added to the dedicated book pages or adjusted elsewhere across the site, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.