Trezka: Now Half Edited

As the title for this update suggests, I’ve just recently passed Trezka’s halfway point. So, now that my red pen is down about a third of ink, what’s new?

Well, as of this very moment, the third draft has grown by 1,238 words. According to my tracked changes, I’ve added about 2,680 words, deleted 2,530 and moved four sections around (I’m not entirely certain how that mathematically makes sense). I think most of the additions were to address one character’s apparent disappearance throughout the middle act, but I honestly can’t remember now.

The timeline’s been contracted by one day. This may not seem like that big a deal, but given, like my previous books, Trezka occurs basically over the course of a week or so, it’s an important development. Why did I do it? Well, simply for the reason the extra day was originally added due to a question of plausibility.

The question remains, of course, but I’ve decided to circumvent it in a far more interesting way. At least, I hope it will read as such. More on that below.

Contracting the timeline did little to the overarching plot, of course, though there were a few sentences that needed to be removed. One such that didn’t work now was so important, though, that I moved it up two chapters, expanding it to better reflect the new time period.

The section I’ve just finished editing required, by far, the most work. The most problematic throughout the book by a longshot, this was the one that made me change the entire initial structure. It’s read as a near aside these last two drafts, as though its sole purpose was to stall the action. And that’s certainly not what I want.

To rectify that, I’ve chopped the section into different segments, shifting the perspectives and drastically altering the layout yet again while simultaneously building upon the given information so it is less a list and more a summary of profound events.

That may sound like gibberish, and if so, my apologies, but it seems to be working for me.

One last point: after a recent real-world event that closely mirrored the story’s progression, and goes a long way to justify the plausibility I mentioned above, I’ve developed a slightly different spin on the events. As such, following this massive edit, I’ve decided I will perform another read/review cycle. While this postpones the inevitable peer review and publication, I feel it’ll greatly influence its perceived success in conveying the central theme.

Hopefully, it won’t take as long as this turn seems to be taking me.