The Ice Bucket Extra Life

Last week, I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Meant to raise awareness and funds for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (say that ten times fast without just sticking to ALS), usually called Lou Gehrig's disease, those who take part have two options: donate $100 or drop ice water on your head and nominate others to donate in your stead.

Now, I don’t usually go for this peer pressure, social media mumbo jumbo. But, it’s for something of a good cause, and while I don’t have $100 to drop at the moment as my the size of my wallet greatly recedes in the face of a newfound expense named Matthew, I’m more than willing to call out others and dump some ice over my head. As such.

While we’ve got charity in mind, I’d like to bring your attention to one I’ve been a part of for several years now: ExtraLife and the Children’s Miracle Network.

I would sound like a broken record if I went on about the great things the Children’s Miracle Network does for children (check the link for more information, if you’d like), and the massive amounts of funds ExtraLife has raised over the years to support the system, so I’ll just keep it simple:

  • If you’re willing to donate, just click here or on the Extra Life widget along the left-hand side of the page.
  • If you’d like to participate instead (with a 24 hour gaming marathon starting 8 AM October 25), click here to sign up and join my team: The 567 Guilty Sparks.
Whether you know someone with ALS or a kid who’s diagnosed with a disease while they should’ve been busy learning how to play catch, these charities are damned fine ones to help.