Son of a… Writer

So my wife and I had a son. His name’s Matthew. He’s incredible. I can’t help staring into his ever-changing eyes the few hours he’s awake or kissing his soft forehead or just sitting him in my lap while I watch TV.

Unfortunately, though, he makes it a bit hard to write.

Not impossible, of course, not by a long stretch. Just… more difficult. I’m sure this will change, but right now it seems most of my waking hours (and quite a few of my sleeping ones, too) are dedicated solely to ensuring he’s fed, bathed, warm, dressed, clean and given some loving. While my wife’s out of work, I also have to be sure to give her some attention, because, just like Jack said, “All work and no play….”

The exhaustion is more heavy-hitting I think. On Thursday, I had three cups of coffee and three of black tea—about twice as much caffeine as I usually consume. Even then, my mind felt cloudy, my eyes heavy, and my fingers slow. It felt as though I were on drugs, with none of the fun benefits of such.

Today, my mind failed to process a document that was on my screen. I thought it was something completely different than it truly was. How am I supposed to write like that?

I will find a rhythm, of that I’m sure, but this is probably the biggest adjustment I’ve ever had to make in my life. It’s also incredibly rewarding, and this feeling, this fatherly love or whatever it is, is nothing like anything I’ve yet experienced. It’s an odd mixture of pride, fear, merriment and attraction—the sort that glues you to your best friend. Only somehow beyond even that.

It’s hard to describe.

Until I do find that rhythm, though, updates like these may be somewhat scarce. At the very least, they’ll more than likely be off-schedule, as has already occurred. I’m also looking into an alternative to the weekly comic reviews I enjoy crafting so much—another option to cut the time required to do so and push the review release out further without any detrimental effects. I’ve an idea, but, of course, need to find the time to see it through to fruition.

My goals remain intact, though: completed children’s submission by year’s end, print publication of Sanity’s Flaw, full steam ahead on Book Four, and another round of editing on Trezka prior to peer review.

The plate, she is full. And I will find the time to eat every last morsel.