Sanity's Flaw: A Note Back

Last week, I sent a few copies of Sanity's Flaw to some supporters and inspirations as a special thank you gift. One of those copies went to Vernon Geberth, who you may remember wrote Practical Homicide—an invaluable handbook I pored over in early drafting.

Well, it seems the mail works very quickly, as yesterday I got a note back from Vernon.

It reads: 

Thank you for the copy of your book "Sanity's Flaw." I know a lot of authors who use my material. Only a few have the literary integrity to cite my works.

Thank you for that.

This is my busy teaching time so I won't have the opportunity to read your book until late May but I will read it.

I love getting things like this. Makes me feel like I've made some good decisions of late. Though it also makes me insanely nervous he'll read through the book and find some glaringly obvious technical mistake I overlooked. Hopefully, he'll understand it's only (albeit unintentional) artistic license. 

Presumably this means the others arrived, but I've yet to hear or see anything from them. Fingers crossed then.