Shaping the Business

When I brought Sanity’s Flaw to Kindle and Nook, I really didn’t need to do much outside finalize the text, build a cover, upload some files and push a few buttons. If you’ve been following along with me since then, you’ll know getting to print required a lot more work than that.

But even with that done, I’m only just getting started. Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been working on of late outside of actually writing and editing:

  • Mastering inventory. While Sanity’s Flaw is available on-demand from sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, if I’m going to have signed or personalized copies on hand, I need to have an inventory. And that means inventory control: how many I have, how many I need, when to order more, etc.
  • Ordering shipping materials. If I’m going to sell copies outside of local events, I’ll need to be able to send them elsewhere. I picked up a stack of 50 boxes for less than $0.50 each, so that was a steal, and had packing tape lying around. After prepping today’s orders, I also realized I need shipping and return labels, too, so I don’t need to continuously them in.
  • Carrying business cards. These wouldn’t be for customers necessarily, but for businesses offering my book for sale. I’ve already had the cards printed, so that’s no problem, but had to order holders for both at home and on the go.
  • Creating other branding materials. An author isn’t one book, and neither is a brand. It irked me sending blank boxes with my beautiful book inside today, so I think a branded sticker slapped onto each would be a great way to bring a bit more exposure. And perhaps that’s not all I should have on hand.
  • Tightening the website. With the spike in traffic the publication brought in, I want to offer my best foot forward. After many nights of coding, I’ve come closer than ever to seeing this site as less a grandiose blog and more an actual website. Really, outside of a few quirks, I’m at a good place with the desktop version, and the mobile version only needs a couple tweaks to get where I want it. I’ve also been working on the store, which will be elaborated upon and pushed live soon enough.
The work never seems to end, but I’m starting to see the groove. The first packages of Sanity’s Flaw went out today, the website is looking pretty and my next steps are falling into line. 

Man, I really wish I’d had stickers to put on those boxes today.