Trezka: Editing Nearly at an End

Come this time next week, editing on this fourth draft of Trezka will be complete. At the time of writing, there remain but 11 pages to review, and from initial inspection they are some of the strongest bits of the book—a good thing, given they’re the last as well.

It’s taken some time, though arguably not as long as I suspected, to reach this point. Not so much because a majority of my recent hours were focused on finally bringing Sanity’s Flaw to print, but because the complexity of this particular section.

How complex is it? you may ask.

Picture a puzzle. Let’s say one of those mosaic puzzles, where hundreds of pictures are carefully aligned to form a larger image your mind’s eye can’t help but identify. This section, it’s like that puzzle. And every time I make an edit, it’s as though I’ve changed the shape of the puzzle piece I’m holding. It still supposed to fit where it was, but it doesn’t anymore—everything around it needs to be reshaped as well.

It might sound frustrating, and I’ll freely admit that’s true. But it’s also fun. Some of the most fun I’ve had writing, if I’m being honest. Working within constrictions, bending them to my will right to the point of snapping before easing back, it’s rather exhilarating.

And I would love to come back to this form at some point in the future. Not with this story, no, as this is most assuredly an end and the end, but with something.

First, though, I need to wrap this round up, do a last run through to clear any grievous grammatical errors caused by my incessant red penmanship, and pass Trezka on to my guinea pigs humble volunteers. Everything in time.