Fourth Book: Getting Back into It

I spent the last few days reading through what’s complete of my Fourth Book’s first draft. Not to make improvements or corrections, that is, but to get back into the book’s groove after being in Trezka and Sanity’s Flaw for so long.

I probably said this before, but even though it is very much a first draft—with repeated phrases, overly anachronistic dialogue and minor continuity faults occurring throughout—it is easily my favorite first draft I’ve written. It’s filled with more nuance, more character development, and more subtlety than any other, and while some of the sidebars need refinement, very little needs to truly be added in terms of plot or characterization.

The story was left in an odd place, though. I understand why I made the choice when I did, as I needed to conduct a bit of unexpected research, but I should have planned better in advance. As I move into the next phase and try to complete the draft, I’ve no doubt I’ll be able to recapture that initial tone, but it would have been beneficial to start just after a chapter break rather than in the midst of the reflective state I’ve found myself continuing.

Funny enough, planned chapters-wise, I’m exactly 69 percent complete. My goal is to hit that 100 percent mark by the end of June.

Let’s see if I can do that.