Open for Business

It’s been quietly up on the site for awhile, but the official store is now open for business.

At this time, there’re only two things you can buy:
  • A copy of Sanity’s Flaw signed and/or personalized to you, a neighbor, a loved one—even your priest.
  • Or a copy of Sanity’s Flaw signed and/or personalized to you or whoever along with a one-of-a-kind sketch on the title page. The sketch could be of anything related to Sanity’s Flaw and may be in color or black and white, depending on what fancy strikes at the time.
I’ve already sold a number of signed copies, but this is the first I’ve advertised the sketched version of the book. I haven’t drawn a single one, and will do so only after getting an order in, so these will truly be designed exclusively with you in mind.

They may also take me a day or two, so expect a slight delay in shipping, alright?

Alright. So, go check the store out. And let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see stocked in there. Me, I’m thinking stickers and maybe a poster. Though what I’d really like is a hat.

Seriously. How cool would that be?