You Can No Longer Has The Nobodies

This morning, I took The Nobodies offline. If you missed it—sorry, it’s gone.

For now.

As was the plan, now I’ve wrapped the second draft of Book Four (more on that soon as I feel like talking about it), I’m gearing up to get The Nobodies into the world of print materials. This involves a clean-sweep edit, new layouts and designs, and more. For those who’ve seen or purchased Sanity’s Flaw in print, you may have an inkling of what to expect, but I’m hoping to wow even you. I think it can be done.

I’ve already figured the basic look of the print version. That was actually the very first thing that I did. It will be relatively simplistic. Basic. Modern. Toeing the line between black and white with no room for gray just like the story and characters. How’s that for a description?

Oh, and I changed the font. No more Arial. Because reasons.

That behind me, right now, I’m reviewing the text and adjusting wherever I think it might help. Note the book isn’t being rewritten. It’s being refined. There’s a marked difference.

Okay, I confess. This really is my A New Hope, isn’t it?

We’ll talk about that more down the line, go into the motivations, the theories, the directions. Or maybe we won’t, I’m undecided. Another thing I’ve yet to decide on is the cover. Yes, while I do love seeing a paled version of my face running around frightening the kiddies that just happen to be looking at eBooks like the good little children they are, the print version will have an entirely new cover. There might even be a newly revised logo, who knows.

Lots of possibilities there, huh? See, I’ve got the general layout down, the general look and feel, but not the main visual, and that’s really the crux of the whole conversation wouldn’t you say? Tell the truth, I’m leaning toward this one, particular thing… but I’m not sold just yet. I can’t be. Reading through the text, what I’m doing is hoping to come across an image that perfectly sums the book as a whole. But, if it’s there, it hasn’t hit me yet. Soon, maybe. Or I’ll just have to go make something up.

Final note for now: I don’t know when this will be published. I’m betting on the spring, but I have no definitive timetable. Not having it available for purchase is kind of nerve-wracking and wallet-hurting, but what other choice do I have? I want as many as possible to experience it just the same and in all its glory.

Maybe I’ll surprise myself and it’ll come as early as winter. That is coming, you know. Ned said so.