One Quarter Left

It’s the end of September. Literally, the end of it. Tomorrow’s October. You know, just in case you forgot.

Which means we’ve got exactly one quarter left in the year. Crazy, right? Oh, and it’s going to be a busy one. The next three weekends, for instance, I’m packed. There’s no free time in them whatsoever. And the weekdays aren’t much better. I’ve got an art project to finalize, a cover to design, several interior pieces to retouch and resize, some pages to ink and color, and several read-throughs on multiple books I’d like to wrap before the year’s up. And that’s just what I’ve gotten started, never mind the things I still want to get to.

Plus, you know, the baby thing.

So, yes, it’s going to be a busy final quarter for me. But where would that leave me for 2016? Well, The Nobodies, time pending, should be set for print, with a release this spring more than a certainty; The Children’s Book—which I’ve still not released a title for, in case you were thinking that was its name—should be fully queried up and sent to at least a handful of agents; The Fourth Book’s third draft should be coming in line and passed along to at least one of my confidantes for their opinion; and Trezka should be gearing up for its next turn under the microscope after feedback and my own time exploring other fictional realms.

That’s a lot to juggle. And like I said at the beginning of the year, if I manage to get even some of it done, I’ll consider it a definite win. After all, this has been one hell of a 2015.

Ever find it odd there’ll only be one 2015? Well, I guess until someone takes the world by storm and decides we should renumber. It’s not like there have only been 2015 years, right? And they weren’t exactly counting down to 0 before that were they?

…were they?

Anyways, for now, it’s back to the art project, even though it’s basically finished, because time is crunching. As it always seems to. But more on that in a few weeks. Hopefully.