Getting More Social on the Social Media Because That’s What It’s There For

Taking some time out of editing and illustrating to write this up real quick. I’ve been doing a lot of that, so this is a nice little distraction.

Unless you want to get into a debate over word choice (and I don’t feel like doing that just this moment although that might actually be fun for a future post now that I think about it), there’s not a whole ton of stuff I can talk about just yet. Things are coming. Cool things. Things I’m going to want to run to the top of a water tower and scream over Seventh Ave. to make sure everyone knows about.

(I could be like Daredevil.)

I know what I should write about. Social media.

I’ve been running off about it at my day job for some time now, doing these presentations, giving advice, that sort of fun stuff, but I’ve never really put any of those same best practices and guidelines into place for my personal brand. And for no real good reason, either. I’ve just been lazy. Been ignoring it in favor of other things. There’s only so much time after all, right? But I’ve talked about that before.

The point is, things are changing. Despite this thing I read yesterday that social media is basically a black hole for authors (it was littered with bitter resentment that sounded like the author was looking for something to blame his failures on more than anything else), I’m doubling down on it.

It’s time to be more visible.

I’d almost given up on it altogether. Social media, that is. Not because I wasn’t getting views and likes and all that, but just because I didn’t really feel like being social. For awhile there, I was in the bad of bad places, wanted to just crawl into a hole and live on ants and moss and the occasional drips of mineral water. But I’ve bounced back, as I always do, as I knew I would, and after a bit of a break, here we are.

I’ve already started it, this new effort. It’s not necessarily to directly sell my books, though that is, of course, important. I just want to be out there. I want to be more visible, more identifiable, more associated with book-related practices. That doesn’t just mean posting things, sharing things, following people, mind you. Though that’s part of it. There’s lots to it, lots of informative tidbits I’ve acquired over the past year.

And I’ve a specific goal to tailor the majority of content to specific platforms. After all, not everything that goes on Twitter is appropriate for Facebook, and vice versa. Though some stuff will overlap a tad.

So, if you don’t already, go check me out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest or YouTube. Or all of the above. Because why not?