Cork Spying Through a Thermometer

In my first stab at this post, I tried to write about the five days I just spent convinced I was facing a terminal illness. But I couldn’t. I can’t. It’s just too hard, too personal. There were so many thoughts, so many questions, so many emotions, that to try to put them to paper now would be a disservice to the stress, anxiety and hopelessness with which I dealt. So I’m not going to.

But there’s more going on, more sapping my energy, creativity, and will to share, so this is going to be about the extent of today’s update. We’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming next week. Maybe. At least once my mother’s gone back home and this Gordian knot of frayed nerves in my chest is untangled. Just know that work continues. It will always continue. It keeps me grounded. And that’s exactly what I need right now.