A Slight Delay

I missed my July deadline.

I’d like to say it was to avoid competing with Harry Potter, but that truly wasn’t the case. Simply put, there were some unforeseen production issues related to the eBook version. I’m still ironing them out, but should be good to go within the next week. I'll keep you updated.

See, the Kindle version is currently being proofed.

If you missed the book’s new long-form description (a different summary appears on the back of the book), check it out:

From Boston to San Diego, it happened the same way in every city.

Thicker than air, the odorless, invisible gas poured from vents, oozed across floors, and escaped out onto the sidewalks and streets.

Children and elderly were the first to slip into unconsciousness, but men and women of all ages joined before too long. Some dropped with sickly, bloody crunches. Others merely slid down walls as if they had fallen asleep. Hundreds of thousands died within minutes. By the time anyone realized what had happened, it was already too late.

The attack was over. The war had begun.

This is the story of how it ended.

Signed and sketched versions of The Nobodies are available now for preorder, along with a discounted combo set of the two released volumes of the Procyk Trilogy.