“It’s out there.”

It’s true. The Nobodies is, once again, available for all to read. And this time, it’s not just on your screen. In fact, you can find the second volume of The Procyk Forfeit in print almost everywhere by now.

Barnes & Noble is currently offering a pretty steep discount, while Amazon is everyone’s general go-to. You could also buy signed or sketched copies from the store here.

What's in the box?!
Copies are in hand and currently being signed.
One note in regard to the store: I’ll be checking the maths on offering free shipping tomorrow when I send comp copies to my amazing team, so if you’d like to order anything, I’d recommend giving it a couple of days. I can’t guarantee it, but I think it should be doable.

But if you just don’t give a damn about a signature or a one-of-a-kind sketch, print copies are still the only place where you also get the wonderful accompanying illustrations.

If you don’t care for those and just want to read a damned good story, the eBook is back on Amazon. The Barnes & Noble version for the Nook will be coming shortly, as will versions for other platforms.

And if you just aren’t decided, why not take a look at the videos I recorded way back when The Nobodies released on Kindle and Nook? They offer a bit more information about the story and its characters.

Whatever the case, happy reading. I poured my soul into this one, so I truly hope you enjoy the experience.

Side note: the title for this post is a direct quote from one of my favorite characters of the book. He is referencing something far more sinister than The Nobodies, but it still fits.