A New Project

I teased this last week, and I meant to write about it on Friday, but life got in the way so here we are.

Are you proud of your leader?I’m working, with some collaboration from my cousin, on a new graphic novel project. Not only am I writing it, I’m drawing it as well. Though that wasn’t my first choice—the artist I originally wanted to work with is a little busy with a wedding, of all things, at the moment—it’s fun, yet time-intensive.

If you can’t tell from the sample here, the story will explore Donald Trump’s successful presidential run. It’s very fact-based, but still fictional—something of a satire of events. I don’t want to spoil anything yet, but I will say that I think both Trump lovers and loathers will find something appealing here.

The script is set, the art is under way. All I need now is to finish it and find a publisher. Know anyone?

More to come.